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How to Maintain your Hardscape All Winter Long

Discover how you can maintain your hardscape this winter.

Discover how you can maintain your hardscape this winter.

Winter is here in the Mid-Atlantic! Winter is tough on all of your landscaping, but for your hardscape, that could mean catastrophe in form of large cracks or chips in your pavers. However, if you take the time to maintain your hardscape during the winter, once the weather turns around, you’ll be able to jump right back into enjoying your backyard instead of fixing it up all spring. Here are some tips that can help you maintain your hardscape in the winter so you’re ready for the warm weather.  

Shovel Often

Sometimes it feels like you’re perpetually shoveling your driveway, especially when the wind is howling after a snowstorm. However, the more you shovel and stay on top of the snow buildup, the easier it is to maintain your hardscaping all year long. When your driveway and backyard pavers are clear, it reduces the amount of freezing and thawing damage that can happen, especially if you have porous rocks in your landscape, because water can get into them and create larger cracks when it freezes. Whether you use a broom or a snow blower, getting the snow off of your hardscape is critical. If you use a shovel, make sure it’s plastic or rubber-headed, as metal shovels will chip stone or brick in your hardscape.

Be Smart about Ice Removal

When you’re out there shoveling, it’s not uncommon to come across large patches of ice, especially if you’ve waited to shovel until the snow has stopped. Ice patches under snow can be dangerous and if you find them on a sidewalk or frequently traveled path on your hardscape, it can be a slipping hazard for your family. You can try to chip the ice away, or use sand or salt to de-ice the area. However, make sure you consult a professional to ensure that the product you’re using won’t cause more damage to your hardscaping. If there is a lot of ice, try to pinpoint where that extra water is coming from. Sometimes downspouts and gutters crack in the winter, diverting the roof runoff onto your hardscape. Take note of where the water may be coming from and you can patch or replace your gutters in the spring.

Fix the Cracks

Once your hardscaping is clear of snow and ice, you can start to look for cracks. Winter is actually the best time to fix these cracks. You can fill it with sand to prevent more ice and snow from getting into your pavers that could make the cracks worse, but if you keep up with this throughout the winter, your pavers and bricks will look great when the spring comes!

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