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4 Things to Consider When Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

Are you ready to plan your outdoor kitchen?

Are you ready to plan your outdoor kitchen?

The weather is starting to warm up, which means that many homeowners are already dreaming of spending sunny afternoons outside. If you are looking to expand your outdoor living space consider designing an outdoor kitchen. Here are four things that we encourage each customer to think about during the design process!

Patio Space 

First, you should consider the right flooring for your outdoor kitchen. The layout and flooring that you choose are big choices that set the tone for the rest of the project and what limitations you will have. Flooring choices like tile get slippery when it rains outside, and they can often become stained as a result of food or grease. If you will be installing your outdoor kitchen on top of a deck or patio, you should first have that inspected to make sure it can hold the weight you need it to. The flooring and base of your outdoor kitchen should be strong and safe for use outdoors.


You also need to think about where your outdoor kitchen will sit in relation to your home and other hardscaping features. You don’t want to position your grill so that the smoke for it will blow back into your home, but you also don’t want to have your outdoor kitchen so far away from your home that it’s a pain to carry things inside and outside. Many homeowners choose to place their outdoor kitchen near the entrance to their indoor kitchen so that they have easy access to the refrigerator and other things that won’t necessarily be part of their outdoor kitchen.


The biggest factor in determining the size of your outdoor kitchen will be the appliances that you want to use. If you want a grill and a stove, along with a refrigerator and wine bar area, you are looking at a pretty hefty footprint for your kitchen! However, if you mainly want a nicer grill and an area to entertain, your outdoor kitchen might be relatively small.

Counter Space 

Finally, don’t forget to take counter space into account. Many people think about only the appliances and eating area and totally forget that you need somewhere to place everything as you cook and entertain. Choose an outdoor kitchen layout that can accommodate at least a few cutting boards side by side.

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