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How to Prepare Your Landscape for Spring

It's time to ready your landscape for spring!

It’s time to ready your landscape for the changing season!

Spring is just around the corner, and already the March daffodils are sprouting from the ground. Early spring is an important time for a property owner because the actions you take now could impact your landscape for the rest of the year. Discover how to prepare your lawn for the changing season with tips from the professionals at Cutting Edge.

Clean it Up

The Maryland winters are cold and harsh, and often your lawn becomes a muddy collection of sticks and debris. Before you lay down herbicide or fertilizer, take the time to clean your property. Remove litter, trash, and fallen limbs, and then thoroughly rake the grass. Removing the leaves will ensure that necessary nutrients can reach your lawn.

Lay Down Mulch

Not only does mulch allow the soil to maintain a healthy level of moisture, but it also suppresses the growth of weeds. If you choose to use mulch made from organic materials, the mixture will break down and increase the strength of your soil’s structure. Apply mulch to trees and flower beds, but ensure that you’re applying the right amount. Too much or too little mulch could negatively affect your landscape.

Apply Fertilizer

Applying a fertilizer to your lawn during the early spring will strengthen roots and get your grass off to a healthy start. Do not over fertilize, as doing so could shock your grass and prevent growth. It’s recommended to start with a light fertilizer during early spring.

Reseed & Water

The Maryland winters can be brutal, and you might be left with a few bald spots on your lawn. Reseed dead or damaged grass to fill in the holes or light areas, and ensure that you water the seeds thoroughly.

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