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The Advantages of Flagstone Paver Driveways

Ready to complete your Maryland landscape with a driveway or walkway?

Ready to complete your Maryland landscape with a driveway or walkway?

If you’re looking for ways to increase the aesthetic value of your property, consider having a flagstone paver driveway or walkway installed. Made of durable and versatile materials, flagstone pavers can be arranged to fit your style and preference. The Cutting Edge Landscaping team can help you develop a plan for your landscape and then expertly install your flagstone paver walkway or driveway to ensure that it stands the test of time.

High Density

Flagstone pavers are made of dense materials, which makes them impervious to freeze-thaw conditions. Whether your driveway is under attack of intense UV light or freezing rain, it will not deteriorate under extreme weather conditions.

Non-Slip Surface

Flagstone pavers are made of a non-slip surface, which means you won’t have to worry about friends or family injuring themselves on your walkway. Flagstone pavers are the ideal material for areas that are exposed to more moisture such as the pool.

Low Maintenance

Flagstone pavers require very minimal maintenance, perfect for homeowners that desire fewer chores around the house. Due to its durability and highly dense characteristics, flagstone has been a chosen material for architects and builders.

Quick Installation

The installation process won’t take as long as other driveway materials, which means you can enjoy your new addition sooner! Simply sit back and let the Cutting Edge Landscaping team take care of the installation process for you.


Flagstone pavers will add beauty and depth to your Maryland home. Available in many sizes, colors, and textures, you’re bound to find the style that fits your home.

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