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Commercial Turf Enhancement

Cutting Edge Landscape & Nursery, Inc. provides professional turf enhancement services including lawn aeration and overseeding, sod installation and lawn and garden bed fertilization on commercial properties throughout Anne Arundel County. Healthy turf grass can help reduce air pollution, provide a natural filter for runoff water and prevent soil erosion.

Aeration & Overseeding

Aeration allows nutrients, water and oxygen to go down into the roots. Our experienced lawn specialists come to your property with aerators, poke holes in the ground, and install tall fescue seed. Overseeding can fill in those bare patches while introducing new grasses to your lawn. We then apply fertilizer to help it grow and then come out and check on it periodically until your property’s lawn is a lush green. We then discuss maintenance options that will work for you.

Sod Installation

Sometimes there are several dirt patches or even new dirt on lawns that have not yet been planted, and waiting for the grass to grow can just take too long. We have a sod solution that will give your commercial property an instant lawn. We use only the highest quality sod purchased from a sod farm.  Plus, we install sod by laying down top soil with special nutrients to help the sod grow, then lay the sod on top, making sure all seams and bare spots are covered. Even better, we can usually complete the job in less than one day. Once complete, we can offer you a maintenance contract to keep your property’s new lawn beautiful.

Lawn & Garden Bed Fertilization

No matter how plush your lawn may look, weeds can make it look unkempt. Like it or not, this can be a negative reflection on your business. Our weed control specialists have solutions that can work for your property. Our plans are not cookie-cutter. We work with you to come up with a contract that will keep your property’s lawns and flower beds weed-free and beautiful.

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