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4 Lawn Care Tips for Fall

Discover how to prepare your lawn for the changing season.

Discover how to prepare your lawn for the changing season.

Autumn has arrived in Maryland in all of its bright and beautiful glory. If you haven’t noticed the change in the temperature, then you may have seen the crunchy layer of leaves that has landed on your front lawn. Discover how to prepare your lawn for the changing season with the following tips from The Cutting Edge Landscaping & Nursery, Inc.

Rake the Leaves

A fresh blanket of orange and yellow leaves may look lovely this time a year, but they’re creating a variety of problems for your grass. Fallen leaves block sunlight and trap moisture, which creates a nasty mixture of rotted grass and wet soil. Once the leaves start to fall, blow them away or rake them into piles as often as you can. Clearing the leaves on your lawn ensures that your grass will be healthy come springtime.

Continue to Water

A sudden drop in the temperature doesn’t mean you should stop watering your grass. Rather, you should continue to water the lawn well into the end of October. Ensure that your lawn is getting at least an inch of water per week.

Time to Fertilize

It’s important to fertilize your grass throughout the autumn months to ensure proper growth during spring. A late-fall application of a slow-release granular 24-0-10 fertilizer is recommended, as well as a healthy shot of potassium.

Protect Against Weeds

Spreading seed allows you to protect your lawn against weeds that continue to grow during the fall season. It also fills in thin spots of grass or bare patches that are extremely susceptible to cold weather. The ground is still warm during fall, which means it’s the perfect time to overseed.

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