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4 Ways to Prep Your Patio for Fall

Discover how to prepare your patio for fall!

As the first day of fall approaches, homeowners throughout the state will start to prepare their properties for the changing season. Even with low temperatures on the horizon, your patio is prepared to provide your family with entertainment for the entire year. Learn how you can prep your hardscape for fall with these helpful tips.

Maintain the Hardscape

During the fall months, your patio will become home to hundreds of crisp, fallen leaves and other debris. Not only are these leaves unsightly, but they can decay and leave stains on your beautiful hardscape. Save money and time in the future by clearing your patio of leaves and debris when the temperature begins to drop.

Scrub Furniture

Your cushions and umbrellas may be made for the outdoors, but that doesn’t that they don’t need to be maintained. Take the time to scrub your outdoor furniture, or swap it for seasonal patterns. If you want to put away your summer furniture for next year, place the cushions and other items in plastic bags and store them in the garage or basement to avoid mold.

Bring in the New

If you wish to decorate your outdoor space with seasonal touches, now is the perfect time. Whether you want to unpack your decor or dust off the fall furniture, remember that simplicity is key in outdoor decoration. You can wait until Halloween to cover your home in cobwebs and orange lights.

Have a Fire Pit Installed

As we mentioned before, your patio can provide a space for entertaining all year round (as long as you’re prepared for the cold). If you don’t have a fire pit installed, consider the benefits that one could provide. Whether you want to entertain guests or simply relax outdoors after a long day, a fire pit can provide enough natural light and warmth to keep you comfortable.

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